Dallas bicycle accidents most likely to involve middle-aged men

by admin on December 15, 2011

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Dallas bicycle accidents are deadly, just-released data from the National Traffic Safety Administration show. In North Texas and the Dallas area those most in danger of being seriously injured or killed in a bicycle accident are middle-aged men.

Dallas personal injury attorneys
recognize that the North Texas area is popular with recreational bike riders. But these new statistics underscore the importance of safety when riding a bike on streets and trails.
What can you do to make the road safer for bicycle riders? First, as a driver in Texas , you can learn to share the road with bicyclists.

• Give bicyclist plenty of room. Don’t follow them closely and if you have to pass a bicyclist, give make it a wide berth and slow down.

• Be careful when approaching an intersection. Children often use the sidewalks to ride their bikes and will dart across streets without looking.

• Watch when you open the driver’s side door when parked on a street. A bicyclist can easily be knocked off his bike or thrown into traffic by hitting a car door.

• Always use your signals when turning. And before making a right turn, make sure you check the bike lane.

Bike riders too can decrease the chances of a serious accident or illness by doing the following:

– Wear a helmet: Helmets may not be required by law, but wearing one will decrease the chances of a serious brain injury or even death.

-Ride right: Ride as near as you can to the right curb or walkway traveling with the motor traffic.

-Make noise: If you pass a pedestrian or other bicyclist make sure they know you are coming. Hitting a pedestrian with a bicycle can injure or kill both the cyclist and the walker.

-Be seen: Wear white or fluorescent clothing especially if you must ride at night. Your bike should be equipped with reflectors and a headlamp.

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