New Report Illustrates Frequency of Pedestrian Accidents in Dallas and Elsewhere

by admin on December 15, 2011

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Newly released data from Transportation for America illustrates the number of pedestrian fatalities on America’s roadways from 2000 to 2009. In this time there were more than 47,000 people killed, and another 688,000 injured, in motor-vehicle related pedestrian accidents. The 2011 edition of the pedestrian accidents in Dallas and elsewhere through the country is accompanied byDangerous by Design 2011, which is an examination of the problem and a number of solutions for the preventable epidemic.
Our Dallas pedestrian accident attorneys understand that roadway and driving safety needs to be evaluated to help to keep our on-foot travelers safe. It has been proven that most of these pedestrian accidents occur along “arterial” roadways that have been engineered solely for speeding traffic with no concern for pedestrians of any sort.

The newly released edition of this national report comes with a fact sheet for all 50 states, which includes their statistic for pedestrian fatalities from 2001 to 2009. Specific location data and an interactive map can be used to find out which roads are safe and just how unsafe the more dangerous ones are.

According to Dangerous by Design 2011, Texas ranks 9th in the nation for the most dangerous roadways. Between 200 and 2009, Texas say more than 4,200 pedestrian fatalities on our roadways. These accidents cost the state more than $18 billion.

It’s surprising that a portion of our federal tax dollars are supposed to go towards the streets to help them to be more pedestrian friendly, yet they continue to be designed to be perilous to older adults, children and pedestrians of all ages. As a matter of fact, Congress is currently considering totally eliminating the funding for such projects.

Among the most vulnerable were those over the age of 75.

The following counties were ranked as the most dangerous areas in the state:

-Harris, 755 pedestrians deaths.

-Dallas, 522 pedestrian deaths.

-Bexar, 315 pedestrian deaths.

-Tarrant, 258 pedestrian deaths.

-Travis, 161 pedestrian deaths..

Lobbyists for highway funding continue to insist that pedestrian safety needs to be the responsibility of local governments. This really makes no sense considering nearly 70 percent of the pedestrian fatalities that occurred over the past 10 years happened on federal-aid roads.

Under these federal guidelines, state governments are encouraged to prioritize speeding traffic over the safety of pedestrians. Safety advocates argue guidelines and funding should benefit the safety of everyone.

Making a roadway to be pedestrian friendly is actually pretty cheap. Pedestrian project only cost consumers less than 1.5 percent of the current federal transportation outlay. This is the 1.5 percent that Congress is looking to eliminate.

Residents are urged to contact Congress and voice your concerns on the elimination of the federal funding used to increase pedestrian safety. Simply type in your zip code on the website to ensure that you message makes it to the right recipient.

Just hours after this new report was released, Senator Tom Harkin and eleven co-sponsors formally introduced the Complete Streets Act of 2011. This act requests that streets be created equal, safe and accessible for all users, whether on foot, in a wheelchair, on a bike or using public transit.

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