Hazardous Cargo an Added Danger in Dallas Truck Accidents

by admin on December 15, 2011

in Texas Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Dallas trucking accident closed the Dallas North Tollway and the Dallas Parkway frontage roads Sunday morning after a crash involving a propane tanker and an SUV, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Dallas personal injury lawyers understand the danger large trucks pose to other motorists on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports more than 380,000 accidents occur each year involving large trucks. Nearly 5,000 motorists are killed and 90,000 more are injured.
Three of every four fatality victims are occupants of other vehicles, bicyclists or pedestrians. A total of 421 fatal Texas tractor-trailer accidents were reported in 2008 — more than anywhere else in the nation. California (304) was the only other state to report more than 300 fatal trucking crashes.

The dangers are always exacerbated when a truck is hauling hazardous cargo. Frisco Fire HAZMAT responded along with two engines, one truck and an ambulance. The truck was hauling about 1,500 gallons of liquid propane at the time of the crash. The tanker was too badly damaged to safely transfer the propane to another truck.

Emergency crews were forced to release the propane into the air. The fire department assisted by using a vehicle with large mounted fans to try to disperse the explosive chemicals as safely as possible.

Cause of the crash remains under investigation. The SUV driver was not hurt. The trucker was transported to the hospital for treatment.

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