Dallas car accidents a danger — but rural Texas crashes top the charts

by admin on December 15, 2011

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In 2008, Texas led the nation in rural fatal motor vehicle accidents with 1,745. We didn’t fare much better in urban crashes with 1,552 but managed to stay safer than California (2,110) and Florida (1,750).

The Federal Highway Administration indicates that about 40% of miles traveled occur on rural roadways but country accidents account for about 57% of the fatalities.
Our Dallas car accident lawyers know that there are more crashes occurring in urban areas, but fewer of them result in fatal injuries.

In 2008, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirms that more people are killed on lonely country roads than on congested urban roadways. Of the
37,261 traffic deaths 56% occurred on rural roads, interestingly only 23% of the population lives in rural areas.

Fatalities are decreasing in rural areas; from 1998 to 2008 they were down 17%, urban areas saw a 1% decline.

Rural versus Urban crash facts from NHTSA:

-Fatalities pre 100 million miles traveled: 2.11 rural, 0.81 urban.

-Fatal crash was speed related: 33% rural, 30% urban.

-Fatal crashes during the day: 52% rural, 43% urban.

-Fatal crashes at night: 47% rural, 57% urban.

-Alcohol related fatal crashes: 57% rural, 43% urban.

-Fatal rollover crashes: 41% rural, 27% urban.

-Drivers who died at the scene: 64% rural, 51% urban.

-Drivers who died en route to the hospital: 52% rural, 48% urban.

-Unrestrained fatalities: 56% rural, 52%urban.

Interestingly, of all urban fatal crashes, 69% occurred on roadways where the posted speed limit was 50 mph or less; 66% of all rural crashes occurred when the posted speed limit was 55 mph or higher.

In the past 10 years rural areas saw a 15% decline in alcohol-impaired-driving fatalities, urban areas showed a 6% increase. Nationally there was a 6% decrease in alcohol-impaired-driving fatalities.

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