Avoiding Bicycle Accidents in Dallas

by admin on December 15, 2011

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Bicycle accidents have become more common in Dallas because of the increasing number of people who are riding their bikes each day. In a study conducted recently, it has been shown that 60 percent of all accidents involving bicycle are single participant incidents that are caused by cyclist error or collision with animals or road obstacles. Almost all of them are preventable. There are certain precautions that you could take to prevent bicycle accidents from happening, and particular things to do if ever they occur.
First of all, you should be very attentive when riding your bike. Always watch the road ahead, actively identifying potential obstacles and creating plans to steer clear of them. If the situation calls for it, slow down. Even if you cannot avoid an accident completely, going at reduced speed will greatly decrease your risk of sustaining serious injuries. If you will ride at night or in low light conditions, be sure that your bike is equipped with clean reflectors. Installing a lamp would be even better because it will allow you to see potential dangers ahead.

Between sixty to 85 percent of serious injuries resulting from bicycle accidents are caused by negligent motorists. Although the cyclist cannot prevent such accidents by him or herself, there are still precautionary measures that you could take to reduce the severity of an injury. Foremost among them is wearing a helmet. Around 75 percent of bicycle accidents resulted to head injuries. Preventing it from happening to you will not take a lot of money since there are helmets approved for bicycle riding that can be bought for as low as twenty dollars.

When you are riding through the roads of Dallas, you should follow the same rules that are followed by motor vehicles, and other provisions that may be mandated by the local legal code. Perform hand signals when stopping or turning to allow motorists to know about your intention. Defensive driving is a constant reminder to drivers and you should observe it as well when riding a bicycle. Always be attentive and alert for escape route should your lane of travel be cut off all of a sudden.

No matter how good you are as a cyclist, you cannot avoid all accidents, especially those that are caused by negligent drivers. In case you find yourself actually involved in one, you should not forget certain things. As with car accidents, be careful in preserving your rights. Get hold of pertinent information while remaining calm and polite at all times. These should include the driver’s name, address, contact number, vehicle information and insurance information. In addition, you should also obtain the names and contact details of any available witness. If you have a camera, take pictures of the accident site including the damages on your bike and on the other vehicle. Call the Dallas police on the scene of the accident and insist on an accident report. Should you fail to contact the police department, make sure that you file a report with them within 72 hours.

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